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Mark Dielen
September 4, 2023

We purchased an ice bath from Icetubs last month and it works great, after a small defect that was quickly remedied by Jesper, we are enjoying it to the full. So good service! We take a bath about 4 to 5 times a week, and we slowly let the temperature drop. We started at 10 degrees, we are now at 8 degrees, and things are going fine. Nice and fresh start to the day.

Elroy Lemmens
September 4, 2023

Extremely happy with the 2 ice tubs that are on the barracks in Oirschot. Super product with super service. Because of these two baths also decided to purchase a third for my training outside defense. It saves me so much time compared to the old school ice baths I used. Always arranging and hauling ice cubes, setting up the bath and breaking it down immediately, etc. Now the lid is off and into the cold. Once again top product.

Anthony de Zwart
September 4, 2023

A big fan of taking an ice bath for some time now. Now that Jesper has delivered the beautiful Icetub Model S Night Gray, we can introduce more people to this beautiful Icetub. The Icetub is always ready at the desired temperature, wonderful seat, beautiful finish. Delivery and handling by Jesper just 👍🏻 If you still have doubts? Just do it if you can.

N van Peenen
September 4, 2023

We've been using the icetub for a few weeks now (2x a day) and it's great! Definitely worth the investment. Top company, excellent service and very friendly. Started cold training last year in a 500 l wine barrel with water and ice blocks, but that doesn't work well enough in the summer, so I started looking for a good alternative and soon ended up with ice tubs. The bath is compact enough, so there's always a place for it in your home. Thanks to the filter system, the water stays nice and clean.

Mark Hein
September 4, 2023

What a success! Sportcity location Cornelis Schuyt in Amsterdam was allowed to try this bath for a week, only positive reactions. The water remains at a good temperature, even with frequent use, the filter is easy to clean and the bath remains clean. Highly recommended and definitely worth repeating.

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