Experience an icetub close to Amsterdam

Dive into the world of Icetubs firsthand. Visit our showroom near Amsterdam and immerse yourself in the ultimate cold therapy experience. You're very welcome to come and test our models and receive a personalized quote.

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Koekoekslaan 14b
1171 PJ Badhoevedorp
Opening times
Monday / friday: 09:00 - 17:00


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Expert Consultation

Not sure about which Ice bath you should get? Our experts can help you.

Hands-On Testing

Our ice baths are always 3 degrees celsius and ready for a good session.

Guided Ice Bathing

Our experts can guide you through how to take the optimal ice bath.

Get a Personalized Quote

Discuss your specific needs and preferences, and receive a tailored quote that suits you best.

Meet our team

Connect with the passionate minds behind Icetubs and learn about our journey and mission.

Come by in Badhoevedorp, close to amsterdam

Nestled near Amsterdam, our showroom is more than just a space; it's an experience. Here, you can explore our range of products, understand the technology behind them, and even take a refreshing plunge. It's a unique opportunity to connect with the Icetubs brand on a personal level.

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We are open 5 days per week. Schedule an appointment today.

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Elroy Lemmens

"Extremely happy with the 2 ice tubs that are on the barracks in Oirschot. Super product with super service. Because of these two baths also decided to purchase a third for my training outside defense. It saves me so much time compared to the old school ice baths I used. Always arranging and hauling ice cubes, setting up the bath and breaking it down immediately, etc. Now the lid is off and into the cold. Once again top product"

Ingrid Meulenbelt

"Icetubs delivered a fantastic ice bath to our Stokholm Changemaking Community. Real top service."

Mark Dielen

"We purchased an ice bath from Icetubs last month and it works great, after a small defect that was quickly remedied by Jesper, we are enjoying it to the full. So good service! We take a bath about 4 to 5 times a week, and we slowly let the temperature drop. We started at 10 degrees, we are now at 8 degrees, and things are going fine. Nice and fresh start to the day."

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