We are Icetubs

People have been taking icebaths for centuries. Makes sense: the physical and mental advantages that cold therapy offers are undeniable. Now we – Icetubs – take cold therapy to the next level, by offering icebaths that are effortless, stylish and sustainable. 

About us

Our story

Sure, you need get your daily fruit and veggies, plenty of exercise and 8 hours of solid sleep. Do you add breathing exercises and a meditation routine? Even better. But we are always exploring to aim higher and unlock more potential in a world full of doubt and distraction.  

What we stand for


We are constantly brooding on the next step to harness the power of the cold – and do so with a clear and motivated mind. All to be able to bring you the very best in ice bath technology. 


We wake up and go to sleep thinking about icebaths. And are determined to bring its benefits to as many people as we can. Always with quality, simplicity durability and sustainability on our mind. 


We want to challenge everyone who wants to take an extra step in their growth to challenge themselves and their self-imposed limits and perform to an even higher degree.

Our journey to power of cold

Since we’ve taken our first icebath, we’ve been dreaming about creating the ultimate one. By exposing ourselves to extreme cold again and again, paired with precise breathing techniques, we dismantled those psychological chains.

That’s how every descent into the icy embrace has strengthened our inner force. Are you ready to join the cold? 

Our story

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Our partners

To be the best, you must work with the best. That’s why we partnered up with high performers like Rico Verhoeven and Nick Schilder. They inspire us to put in that little extra to ensure our baths facilitate excellent cold therapy.

Rico Verhoeven
Nick Schilder
Arie Boomsma
TV host