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Cold water up to 3°C, always

ready for an icy dive.

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If you can't beat the cold, Join the cold.

Regular cold exposure. That's what you want. That's what you need. We help with that.

Never carry Ice cubes again

The Icetub One is cooled down to 3 degrees celcius. No Ice cubes needed.

Always ready to use

Always clean and fresh water set at your desired temperature.

Made for every height

The footrests in the ice tub ensure
that you can sit comfortably, no
matter how tall you are.

Our story

An Ice bath from Icetubs helps you experience the cold every day. You will find a bath in which you can completely immerse yourself in water as cold as the Arctic Ocean; pure water and completely free of chlorine. 

And we think it should not be too difficult to experience the cold on daily basis. That’s why our ice bath is fully equipped! It's easy get in and out, it’s easy to set up and you can move it around without too much effort. Our ice bath is ready and waiting for you 24 hours a day, at the desired temperature, to join the cold.

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The advantages of an ice bath

It's been proven so many times that it is good for your health to add a dip in the ice bath to your daily routine. When are you going to embrace the cold and boost your health?

✓ Boost your immune system 
When you step into an ice bath your body automatically produces white blood cells, because your body wants to protect you from the extreme cold.

✓ Reset your thoughts
Control, alt, delete on your brain. You think of nothing when you step into an ice bath.

✓ Activate brown fat
As soon as you start exercising with the cold, you produce brown fat. Brown fat turns out to be a valuable link to use white fat as fuel.

✓ Push your limits 
Conquering yourself, pushing your boundaries and something you thought you could never do. That gives you so much energy.


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Bam enjoying his Ice bath in Icetubs icebath


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