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"Extremely happy with the 2 icetubs that are on the barracks in Oirschot." - Elroy Lemmens
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Dutch-Design Ice Baths

Dive into our curated selection of luxury ice baths tailored for you. Each tub is designed for optimal recovery and peak performance. Experience the fusion of elegance and functionality with Icetubs. Join the cold.

Our IceBaths
icetubs BARREL
Cylindrical, stainless steel, thermowood elegance.
Icetubs BATH
Rectangular, sleek, thermowood-finished luxury.

Nick Schilder

Icetubs X AKA

Amsterdam Marathon x Icetubs



Icetubs outside

Icetubs Session

Icetubs Barrel 2

Icetubs barrel 4

Purpose-built to achieve your coldest Ice bath goals.

Join the cold°


We're cooler than the rest.

Our Dutch-designed Icetubs Engine, consistently cools water to 3 degrees Celsius, eliminating the need for ice cubes. Ensuring a superior cold therapy experience around the clock. This innovation sets it apart, truly going colder.

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Wij gaan kouder dan anderen

3 graden celcius. De Icetub Barrel wordt gekoeld tot 3 graden celcius. De koelmotor houdt de Icetub koud. Er zijn geen ijsblokjes nodig.

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Cold therapy

+ Improve immune system
+ Increase white blood cells
+ Reduce chance to colds

The moment you step into the cold, your body flicks into survival mode. To protect you from the extreme cold, your body produces an army of white blood cells.

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+ Calmness
+ Focus
+ Stress relief

A hard reset for your brain - created by a divers’ response. The physical reaction will put you back to calm state.

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Our customers

+ Real stories
+ Inspiration
+ Energize

Our customers have inspiring stories. From overcoming illness to pushing to the max.

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Scientific research

+ Clear overview of all research
+ Real experiments
+ All based in science

The science behind Ice Baths & Cold therapy.

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