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Dive into our selection of artisanal crafted icebaths. Designed for optimal recovery and peak performance. Elegant, functional, sustainable and durable.

2 year warranty

Delivery between 6-8 weeks

1000+ icebaths

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Trusted by the best, made for everyone. Athletes like Rico Verhoeven and performers like Nick Schilder use our ice baths for top recovery. Their drive for excellence helps us make the best ice baths. Feel the difference with our ice baths, perfect for anyone aiming for excellence.

Rico Verhoeven

"Icetubs powers Rico's champion performance"

Nick Schilder

"Unwind and get fit with Icetubs like Nick"

Arie Boomsma
TV host

"Arie's recovery secret: My IceBath"


Focus, breathe and let go

Increase your wellbeing by challenging yourself to 3-degree-water. Our handcrafted icebaths facilitate fast recovery, a strong immune system and lifted spirits.


Find your fit with Icetubs

Everyone deserves the best ice bathing experience. That's why we've designed two versions to fit your preferences: the IceBarrel for a seated position and the IceBath for a reclined experience. Both come in an extra-large size to ensure full-body immersion for all.


Introducing our Icetubs Barrel, designed to redefine your cold therapy experience. Made of Stainlesssteel with thermowood finish.

Powered by our Dutch Designed Icetubs Engine™ to give you freezing clean water, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Effortless cold therapy at your fingertips with our Icetubs Icebath. Simple, stylish, effective. Aim high and transform your wellbeing by bringing our Dutch-designed icebath into your daily life.

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Experience the ultimate cold therapy with our IceBath, offering exceptional comfort and relaxation. Its traditional bathtub design lets you lie down or recline, making your sessions both enjoyable and effective. Built with premium materials and a powerful engine, it ensures precise temperature control and clean purified water.

Key Benefits:

  • Horizontal Design: Lying/reclining position ensures full submersion.
  • Bath-like Access: Easy in and out, just like a bathtub.
  • Advanced Engine: Precise temperature control (3°C-40°C)
  • Superior Water Quality: Three-stage filtration keeps water clean.
  • Durable & Weatherproof: High-quality thermo wood and stainless steel.

Prefer to sit upright or need more seclusion during your session? Check out our IceBarrel for a seated position or explore our IceBarrel XL for extra space. Still can't decide? No worries, we are here to help.

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No ice needed

Revolutionary Engine™

0 degrees celcius

+ Calm
+ Stress englightment
+ Focus


Immerse yourself

Living a hectic life, investing time and effort in your wellbeing can prove to be difficult. With our icebaths we offer all the benefits of cold therapy – without the hassle. A perfect blend of innovation, style and sustainability to invest in growth while respecting nature.

What the people say

"Best purchase of 2024"

I recently purchased an icetub from Icetubs and I am thoroughly impressed! The quality of the tub is exceptional, with robust construction and sleek design that fits perfectly in my backyard. The setup process was straightforward, and I was able to get everything running smoothly in no time. One of the standout features is the temperature control system that allows me to quickly adjust the water temperature to my liking. Whether itʼs a chilly plunge after a sauna or a slightly warmer soak on a cold day, this tub meets all my needs. Also the filter system works great, after 4 weeks still clean water!

Wim Vermoezen
April 20, 2024
"I love this product"

I love this product. Only positive experiences with its use and communication with the manufacturer.

February 20, 2024
"No better ice bath exists!"

What an experience! An ice bath every morning is wonderful. And if you want one, you should get it from Icetubs. The service is perfect, and check out that design! It has worked perfectly from day one and is always at the right temperature. Thanks, Icetubs team! A fan.

Robbert Minnema
February 1, 2024
"Can't go without it anymore"

I love starting my morning with an ice bath from Icetubs. The bath is always ready to use, and I don't need ice cubes. I feel much more energetic every day, and I can't go without it anymore!

Bas Splitthoff3
February 28, 2024
"Realy nice design and performance"

Realy nice design and performance. Reach easy 3 degrees. Perfect customer service. Realy engoying my icetud - from icetubs  Highly recomended 🤘👌🤩

January 26, 2024
"I Just received my Barrel from ICE TUBs..."

I Just received my Barrel from ICE TUBs and I am really impressed. The build quality is excellent and the chiller works brilliantly and efficiently. I have mine set at 5 degrees C and 6 minutes every morning is the perfect way to start the day. I dealt with Thomas in sales and he is knowledgeable and very responsive to queries. Top class product.

Ruairi Walsh
April 25, 2024
"Definitely worth the investment"

After a thorough search, I decided to give IceTubs a try, I am absolutely pleased with my experience. Not only the design is aesthetically pleasing, it is also very high quality. The app is UX friendly and easy to use, the water remains at the right temperature and can be adjusted through the app. Customer service is extremely friendly and professional. So far so good. Definitely worth the investment!

Diala E.
February 26, 2024
"A Transformative Experience with the Icetub"

Having utilized the Icetub for the past seven months, I can confidently say it's been a game-changer for me. The company's communication was exemplary right from the start, providing me with outstanding guidance and ensuring a seamless experience. The reliable cooling it offers is a testament to its engineering excellence, and I've personally noticed significant health improvements since incorporating it into my routine. Moreover, the tub's size is just perfect. The Icetub, with its reliable performance and holistic benefits, has truly been a revelation.

Oliver Friedrich
October 19, 2023
"I'm totally excited about my..."

I'm totally excited about my Icetub! The material is very high quality, and it's super easy to use. An absolute recommendation!

Cathleen Raitze
February 22, 2024
"Fantastic Icetube!"

Fantastic tube! I use it regularly, and I feel amazing afterward! Super energetic and refreshed.

Boris Blijham
February 16, 2024
"Very satisfied"

Good and quick delivery. Contact with the company was very pleasant. The icetub cools down quickly to 3 degrees Celsius. In short, I'm very satisfied with IceTubs. I would recommend it to everyone.

Jesse Moggré
February 16, 2024
"Valuable addition to my daily routine"

After using my Icetubs Barrel for a month, I can say it was worth every penny. I'm amazed by the quality and technology of the ice bath. The delivery and service from Icetubs were also very neat. If you care about your physical health, this is a must!

Karsten van Etten
February 16, 2024
"I've tested the Icetubs Barrel..."

I've tested the Icetubs Barrel and was impressed. The quality and design are top- notch, so you don't just step in to enjoy the effects but can also place it as a visual highlight. Absolutely great!

Noah Bellon
October 1, 2023
"Absolute Recommendation"

Absolute recommendation! I've been using the tub daily and am completely thrilled. I don't want to miss it anymore.

Christoph Heidlmair
April 3, 2024
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