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Completely new design. Always cold and clean ice water up to 3℃..

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Future Proof Ice bath from the Netherlands

Made to push your limits

To buy an ice bath from Icetubs is to push your limits. You will find a bath in which you can completely immerse yourself in water as cold as the Arctic Ocean; pure water and completely free of chlorine. 

And we think it should not be too difficult to push these limits every day. That’s why our ice bath is equipped with all the conveniences! You can get in and out, it’s easy to steer and you can move it without too much effort. Our ice bath is ready and waiting for you 24 hours a day, at the desired temperature, to push your limits. 

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Up to 3 degrees without ice cubes

An ice cold bath at home

Searching for your own limits every day and pushing them again and again. Focus on your breathing, become mentally stronger, and all that from your own garden, bathroom, or other place. You don’t need expensive training by professionals because with you there is always an ice-cold bath ready. 

√ 3 Degrees water, without the use of ice cubes
√ The first Icetub model designed in the Netherlands
√ Easy to set up with the display
√ 2 year warranty
√ Return policy of 14 days

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“Nobody was as skeptical about 'cold showering' as I was. My opinion was: something that feels so unpleasant cannot be good for you. Since about a week I shower cold every day and I feel more energetic than ever! Now I'm going a step further: I've bought an ice bath! 😳 And from now on, I'll be stepping into it every morning without the hassle of ice cubes or anything else!”

Simon KeizerDutch sing and songwriter

More than two years of development have resulted in the best & first ice bath of the Benelux

More than 2 years we have been working on the creation of the first Icetub of  Dutch soil. 2400 hours at the design table, more than 200 sketches, countless sleepless  nights, more than enough mistakes, 15 eureka moments, several concepts worked out,  20+ tested baths and far too many cold shivers. 

The ice bath was completely made, designed, and developed in the Netherlands. Everything is in  our own hands, a product we are proud of and of which we still have the production process completely in our own hands. 

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Icetubs is located in Badhoevedorp

Badhoevedorp is the place where it all comes together. Our in-house production team is working hard to put all the parts together. They insulate the tub and assemble all the components to create an ice bath that rocks. All to guarantee quality!

Our Icetubs are personally delivered by Jesper. When your Icetub is ready, he’ll make an appointment for delivery. Together with you, he takes the ice bath to the chosen spot and explains how everything works. If you’re not in love within 14 days, we can hardly believe that, we’ll take the Icetub back.

Drop by and try our Icetubs!

We get it that you might want to try the Icetub first. That’s no problem, you can try our ice bath in Badhoevedorp. You’re welcome!

The advantages of an ice bath

At Icetubs you will find the first ice bath from Dutch soil. Ideal for pushing your mental limits, kick-starting your day and so much more. 

That an ice bath in your daily routine is good has been proven so many times. When  will you take the ice-cold step and choose for your health?

Boost your immune system 

When you step into an ice bath your body automatically produces white blood cells, because your body wants to protect you from the extreme cold.

Reset your thoughts

Control, alt, delete on your brain. You think of nothing when you step into an ice bath

Activate brown fat

As soon as you start exercising with the cold, you produce brown fat. Brown fat turns out to be a valuable link to use white fat as fuel.

Push your limits 

Conquering yourself, pushing your boundaries and something you thought you could never do. That gives you so much energy.

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