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Our Scientific Research category offers evidence-based insights into cold therapy. Explore studies and expert analyses on how ice baths enhance physical recovery and health. Discover the scientific support behind cold therapy's benefits.

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Cold exposure protects from neuroinflammation through immunologic reprogramming

This study shows that cold exposure reduces the symptoms of autoimmune disease by suppressing T cell activity through the modulation of monocytes. The study suggests that cold-induced metabolic adaptations may compete with autoimmunity as an energetic trade-off that can benefit immune-mediated diseases.

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Cold Water Swimming - Benefits and Risks

Cold water swimming, also known as winter swimming or ice swimming, is becoming more popular as a special form of endurance sport. It involves swimming in cold to ice-cold water, mainly during winter or in colder regions.

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How Regular Winter Swimming Affects Indicators of Stress in Healthy Men's Blood

Regular cold baths can improve our body's defenses against harmful substances and reduce stress in our body

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Effects of cold showers on patients with inflammatory arthritis

This study looked at the effects of a new home treatment method, a whole-body cold shower therapy, on 121 patients with chronic inflammatory arthritis.

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