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The Tubs

Unlock the ultimate in cold therapy with IceTubs. Both our Barrel and Bath models are precision-engineered to optimize performance and enhance recovery.

Dive in and experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge cold immersion solutions.


Icetubs Barrel

Experience nature's embrace with our cylindrical ice bath, merging rustic charm with advanced cooling technology.

+ Easy to connect to a standard power supply.

+ Can be set to as low as 3 degrees Celsius.

+ Cooling capacity of 1.5 degrees Celsius per hour.


Icetubs Bath

Dive into modern luxury with our sleek, rectangular ice bath, designed for outstanding performance and elegance.

+ Refreshing 3 degrees Celsius water available 24/7

+ Easily configure our Icetub Engine with your phone via WiFi

+ With our special Ozonator, the water stays clean for two months!

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Cold therapy

+ Improve immune system
+ Increase white blood cells
+ Reduce chance to colds

The moment you step into the cold, your body flicks into survival mode. To protect you from the extreme cold, your body produces an army of white blood cells.

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+ Calmness
+ Focus
+ Stress relief

A hard reset for your brain - created by a divers’ response. The physical reaction will put you back to calm state.

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Our customers

+ Real Stories
+ Inspiration
+ Energize

Our customers have inspiring stories. From overcoming illness to pushing to the max.

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Scientific research

+ Clear overview of all research
+ Real experiments
+ All based in science

The Sciene behind Ice Baths & Cold Therapy.

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