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Take the plunge: become Project Manager at Icetubs 

Do you want to be part of a movement that makes a relatively unknown yet incredibly effective therapy accessible? All the while setting new performance and innovation standards? In a team with young, ambitious people who strongly believe in what they do? Keep calm – and read on.   

It might be a cliché, but at Icetubs it’s true nevertheless. What we do is truly our passion. Or is our passion the thing we do? Anyway, in any case: we love what we do. We know how cheesy this sounds, but it is simply the truth. Because we believe in the benefits of cold therapy. Next to that, we’re people who get stuff done and we’re all in for the charm of the start-up hustle

Have you taken the plunge in an icebath before? Maybe you haven’t – but the prospect doesn’t scare you? Or it does, but you like to conquer your fears? And you’re already thinking of how potentially thousands could benefit from this? If these questions put a smile on your face, you might be the one we’ve been looking for (enter ‘The Matrix’-music).

We’ve been spreading the icebath-love in the Netherlands for a while. Now we’re ready for the next step – to bring the joy of the cold to the world. We want people from all corners of the globe to get sold on cold. That’s where you come in. Because we’re looking for a project manager not only to keep the daily grind running – we’re looking for someone who helps us expand Icetubs to new heights worldwide. 

That means that as our project manager, you’ll be the driving force behind our operations and our growth. You’ll orchestrate our projects from the ground up, ensuring they align with our global ambitions. 

  1. Organizing: As an ‘architect of efficiency’ you keep our operations running smoothly. From schedules to critical checkpoints, you make sure everything is at the right spot – at the right time. 
  2. Managing sales & production: You guide our sales and production departments and drive their success. You also make the collaboration between these two teams seamless to maximize productivity. 
  3. Marketing: Maintaining a strong connection with our marketing team comes naturally to you. This way you ensure that every campaign and marketing strategy resonates with our community and our core values and goals. 
  4. Strategic planning: You set up clear, actionable strategic plans for our organization that steer us towards achieving our ambitions. 
  5. Building team spirit: Through forming a tightly knit, enthusiastic and effective team, you make sure there is an atmosphere in our organisation that lays the foundation for our success.

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What you can expect from us

  • Salary in the range of €3000 to €4500 per month (based on working 40 hours a week and your previous work experience); 
  • 25 vacation days per year, based on full-time employment; 
  • A pension arrangement; 
  • Travel allowance (if you live more than 15 km away); 
  • Unlimited use of our Icetubs gym and all our Icetubs baths;
  • A flat organizational structure where transparent and direct communication and, mutual respect and teamwork is key; 
  • An interesting work-environment with start-up vibes.
  • Challenging work which allows you to grow, take responsibilities, shape your own future and influence an upcoming global brand.
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What we are looking for

  • You speak English fluently; 
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility and excellent project management and organisational skills; 
  • You’re an expert in strategy so you’re able to shape your global marketing plan in the direction of durable growth;
  • You have a data-driven mindset, know your way around setting (and keeping up with) your KPI’s; 
  • You live (sort of) near Amsterdam; 
  • You can work independently and like to tackle all kinds of problems; 
  • You’re flexible and don’t mind fast changing environments; 
  • You’d love to think along and help improve our many processes.

Apply. Today! 

Will we become trusted colleagues, partners and icebath buddies? Let us know if you’re interested - because we’d love to have a chat with you. Leave your information in the form underneath and we will contact you within 5 working days.

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About us

If you've ever tried an 3 degrees Ice bath or jumped in a mountain lake, you know how much energy and thrill it gives you. At Icetubs we want to bring that feeling to the daily life of high performers all over the world. We are building our brand around this exact feeling.

At Icetubs we value excellent design, durability and amazing customer experience. We don't compromise on this.

Currently, we are expanding to the entirety of Europe. Part of your job will be to help Icetubs expand to the USA, Australia, The Middle East and eventually the entire world.

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We would love to have a chat with you. Leave your information in the form underneath and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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