women in ice bath

ICETUBS; Join the cold

We stand for all ambitious achievers who want to strengthen their mindset and improve

themselves in new ways by experiencing the cold every day.

woman taking a cold dip in an icetub

You wake up in the morning with the idea of getting the best out of yourself, your day and others. To get everything out of it, not 50% but 110%. You always think big, about the highest achievable, no matter what others think or think. You do what you think is best.

Transcend Yourself

Perform and surpass yourself, always. Whether in your private life, at work or during a sporting event, you always aim for the top. That includes those evenings at the gym, inspirational books and meeting tough deadlines. You give your all, even more than that. Until your brain suddenly stops you, much to your own frustration. The only opponent that prevents you from reaching 110% is yourself. But you can do something about it. You yourself make sure that you mentally push your limits.
Until suddenly your brain calls a halt, to your great frustration. The only obstacle to achieving 110% is ... yourself. But you can do something about that. Only you can ensure that you push your boundaries.

man sitting in ice bath outdoors

Discover Your Inner Strength

We stand for all these ambitious achievers who want to break through this mental barrier. By exposing your own body to extreme cold. With the right breathing and focus you break through your own limit. The limit you thought you had. You push your own limits time and again and discover your own inner strength.

Unlock Your Potential

That feeling you have the moment you step out of an ice bath. That you can easily give 110% instead of 50%. You take that mentality with you the whole day.

You effortlessly break through your own boundaries and wake up every day with the feeling that you can take on the whole world. And you know, you can!

Meet the Icetubs team

We are the creators, developers, designers and sellers. We’re proud of our product and eager to make the world fall in love with cold water.

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