Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Icetubs or our products? We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you so you can get quick answers to all your questions. Is your question not included? Please send us an e-mail with your question to  [email protected] 

Welvaere and Icetubs offer a warranty on all products purchased from us. We offer a  standard two-year warranty on the purchase of an Icetub. The standard manufacturer’s  warranty always applies first and we will extend this to two years if necessary.

This guarantee applies only to private use of our Icetubs. For business and professional use, the warranty period is six months. 

The delivery time of an Icetub is 6-8 weeks on average. They are delivered free of charge  within the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden Islands). At present, we deliver the ice bath only in the Netherlands. The bath is delivered by an external party.

Easy and safe payment with VISA. Mastercard and Paypal

The payment of the Icetub can easily be done via our website with Credit Card or  Paypal. If you receive an offer and you want to accept it, you can do so via a payment  link or bank transfer. As soon as we have received your payment, we can start  preparing your Icetub. 

You can use the Icetub indoors as well as outdoors, but beware that if there is frost, the  Icetub must be brought inside at all times. If you want to use it outside, only place it outside when you go in. Make sure you bring it back inside in the evening. 

When the Icetub is full of water, you can connect it with the supplied cable50 and it can  start cooling. Connecting it is very easy: just plug it in, set it via the touch screen and  the cooling can begin. In about 6 hours the Icetub will be up to temperature and ready  for an ice-cold session! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Icetubs

Can I come and see the Icetub somewhere?

You certainly can. Icetubs has its own location in Badhoevedorp. You can come and see the  Icetubs here. Please make an appointment by sending an email to [email protected] or by  making an appointment on the contact page. Viewing is also possible at one of our  locations in the Netherlands or Belgium. 

You are welcome from Tuesday to Friday between 10 and 17.00. this time not  convenient? Then together we can always look for a suitable time.

What are the delivery costs?

There are no additional costs for shipping in The Netherlands

How is the product delivered?

The Icetubs are delivered on a pallet. An appointment is always made so that the delivery time takes place at a time that suits you. The delivery person will deliver the product to the curb. So you have to connect the product yourself.

Is it possible to pick up the Icetub?

Yes, it’s possible to pick up the Icetub. If you choose this option, you will receive a discount of €100. A pick-up date and time will be arranged. The pick-up location is Badhoevedorp, near Amsterdam.

Is there a customer service desk?

Sure, you can always contact us at [email protected] Jesper will be happy to help you!

Veelgestelde vragen over ons product

How do I keep my water clean?

The Icetub is equipped with a continuous water filter that ensures that you can use clean and fresh water for up to 8 weeks. 

What is the temperature range?

The Icetub can only cool and not heat. However, the temperature range of the Icetub is  3 up to 35 degrees. This means that when you put water with a temperature of 40 degrees into the Icetub, it can cool down to3 35 degrees, but also to 3 degrees.

What is the cooling rate?

The cooling element has a power of kW2.3. 

What can I see on the panel?

On the panel you can set the temperature, you can see what temperature the ice bath is  and the time. 

Can I move the Icetub?

Yes, the Icetub can be moved. Unfortunately, it cannot be moved on its own. You can  easily move the ice bath by picking it up using the recesses at the bottom and the  stopper. 

How much does the Icetub weigh?

There are various Icetubs coming onto the market. The weight of each is a bit different.

Icetub model S: Empty +/- 110 kg and full +/- 520 kg

Do I need a fixed water connection?

No, you can just use the garden hose to fill the Icetub.

Do I need power current?

No, you do not need power current to cool the Icetub. This simply works via the normal  power network. Just plug it in and the Icetub starts cooling. 

Can I be completely submerged in an Icetub?

The Icetub has a seat you can sit on. When you sit straight on the seat your shoulders  are still above the water. When you sit down a little lower, your whole body can easily  go under water. 

Can the ice bath stand in the garden?

The ice bath cannot be placed in the open air. Be aware that it should always be placed under a roof. When it is freezing outside, make sure that the ice bath is placed inside.

Frequently asked questions about using an Icetub 

When do the first health benefits start?

The benefits of an ice bath begin very quickly. In seconds30, you can experience physical and mental benefits. The most important thing is that there is a regularity in your sessions. For example, you can start with one day a week. 

How long can I stay in the Icetub?

You can sit in an ice bath for a maximum of 5 minutes, it can be longer but it can have a  negative effect on your mental state. If you are in an ice bath for longer than one minute,  you will not have that euphoric feeling when you get out. Your body has worked so hard to  get warm again that you come out of the bath tired. The ideal time to spend in an ice bath  is between two and five minutes. 

What is the recommended water temperature?

For an ice bath, a temperature of between 8 and 12 degrees is recommended. You can then sit in it for a maximum of 5 minutes. It is best not to sit at a lower temperature when you are not used to it. When you take a seat in an ice bath that is colder than 8 degrees,  always make sure that you do not do this alone and that you have been trained. If you sit too long in an ice bath that is below the 8 degrees, you can even get hypothermia.

What is the science behind cold water therapy?

There are still many scientific studies on the subject of cold-water therapy. The sudden coldness of the water puts your body into a natural survival mode to ensure that you do not freeze. One of the most well-known and popular benefits of regular ice baths is a  much better sleep pattern, stronger immune system, good blood circulation, and a calm mental state. 

Who is an Icetub suitable for?

An Icetub is suitable for everyone who wants to explore his or her own limits. In  combination with breathing exercises, you can push these limits yourself. An Icetub is also  suitable to boost your immune system, improve your blood circulation and also to  become mentally stronger. 

Please note that the ice-cold water is a risk for untrained people, people with bad  health, medical conditions and/or children. Therefore, always make sure that you are  not in it for too long and that you are always together with someone! If you have  Raynauld’s disease you should not take an ice bath.

What are common mistakes when stepping into an ice bath?

to panic the moment you step into a cold bath. You should not  breathe too quickly or too briefly. This will reduce the circulation of air in your body,  thus limiting the benefits of the ice bath. 

It is important to concentrate on deep, slow and regular breathing to get the most out  of an ice bath session.

What is an ice bath good for?

  •  An ice bath is refreshing and enlightening 
    • Happiness hormones are released 
    • You give your blood circulation a flinching boost 
    • Your skin becomes less dry 
    • You can cope better with extreme changes 
    • It makes you mentally stronger 
    • You improve your immune system 

    With daily use, your heart rate goes flow down.