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Have you ever paid attention to your breathing? In today's 24-hour society, our breathing is negatively affected. And that while our breathing is extremely important! Breathing influences almost every process in our body.

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Untangling the essence of the Buteyko Breathing Method

Decades ago, there was a man named Konstantin Buteyko. Born in Kiev in 1923, he lived through the Second World War. Afterward, he moved to Moscow to study medicine. But what does this man have to do with breathing?


Exploring, understanding and managing the symptoms of hyperventilation

Have you ever heard of hyperventilation? Most likely! An acute hyperventilation attack can be very frightening.


Master the science of breathing through oxygen and carbon dioxide balance

Have you already discovered your favorite breathing routine? With the abundance of exercises available, finding ‘the one’ might seem challenging.


Breathing as the key to regulate your autonomic nervous system

Have you ever noticed how your breathing becomes calmer when you're relaxed and accelerates during times of stress? This is no coincidence. In this blog, I’ll explain why and introduce you to the impact of breathing on your autonomic nervous system.