Come and test the ice bath with us!

Would you like to experience our ice bath? Would you like to see it in real life? You can!  We have a special corner in Badhoevedorp where you can test the bath under the  supervision of Jesper. Make an appointment or give us a call so we know you want to  come by! 


Experience the convenience of the bath

Experience for yourself how convenient and easy our Icetubs are.

Ask all your questions to an expert

Still have questions? Jesper is our Icetubs expert and can tell you everything, and I mean everything, about the Icetubs.

Always a place nearby

Do you find driving to the Icetubs location in Badhoevedorp too far? Our Icetubs are at various locations in the Netherlands & Belgium. So there is always a place near you where you can test the bath.
Make your appointment

Test the ice bath at various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium

To make it as easy as possible for you, you can test the ice bath at various locations  throughout the Netherlands. 

If you would like to test somewhere else than at our facility in Badhoevedorp, please  contact Jesper. Together you can look for a suitable moment to test at a location near  you. 

Contact details Icetubs Netherlands 

Address: Koekoekslaan 14b, 1171 PJ Badhoevedorp
Telephone: 033 200 3091
Mail: [email protected] 

Location Icetubs Belgium 

Address: Kortrijksesteenweg 298, 9800 Deinze
Phone: 033 200 3091
Mail: [email protected] 

Send an email to Jesper

Make your appointment to test our icetub

Visit Badhoevedorp to test or take a look at our Icetubs. Prefer to visit another location nearby? We have several locations in the Netherlands and Belgium where you can try our ice bath. Share your preference with us when making an appointment.

Why Icetubs

Experience it for yourself

Come on over to Badhoevedorp by appointment, and give it a try!

Take a look behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of our production in Badhoevedorp.

Dutch product

At Icetubs, you will find the first and only ice bath designed and made in the Netherlands.

Personal contact

Always in contact with our own staff