Professional ice bath for the physio practice

Cold, breathing, focus and less inflammation. That cold works as a boost for the body. It  brings the inflammation level down and is therefore good for your body, so we probably  don’t need to explain it to you as a physio. 

More and more people are experiencing the benefits of cold for their health and their  bodies. More and more physio practices are also choosing to install an Icetub. And what  could be better than to use a professional ice bath from Icetubs? A bath that is always 3  degrees Celsius, has clean water and is ready for a dip in cold water 24/7. Ice cubes? You won’t need them anymore! 

At Romei Therapy and Training we use the ice bath for our immune system training. According to the principles of the Wim Hof method, our trainees learn to control their breathing, improve their ability to thermoregulate and train their immune system very effectively. This method has been scientifically underpinned by the Radboud University in Nijmegen and the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, among others. For weeks8, a certified trainer and a Covid specialist will guide you step by step to become an expert of your own immune system.

Jelmer DerksenRomei therapy and training

Three unique Icetubs 

The first ice bath made in Holland and for professional use. Three different colours.  Icetub Model S Night Grey, Icy White and the Black Edition. 

Night Grey

Icy White

Black Edition

Only advantages for you

The benefits of cold can now be shared

You want to share the benefits of cold water with everyone. Because it is so incredibly good for you. The cold water ensures that various inflammation levels in the body go down, which is ideal for people with rheumatic complaints and gives your immune system a huge boost.

Many ice baths are currently kept cold by ice cubes. And those ice cubes melt, cost money and have to be delivered. Again and again. How convenient that this will no longer be necessary? With an Icetub, you don't have to worry about ice cubes anymore. The water in this bath is cooled down to 3 degrees by an energy-efficient motor and kept clean by the built-in filter. This allows you to use the bath several times in a row and always cold. The Icetub's size also makes it easy to move around.

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Dutch-made Icetub 

Buying an icetub at Icetubs is all about pushing your limits. You will find a bath in which you can completely immerse yourself in water as cold as the Arctic Ocean; pure water and completely free of chlorine.

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