Our company story

From humble beginnings, our story unfolded from a single shared dream: unlocking the profound wonders of cold therapy. We're not merely a brand. We're a collective of tenacious go-getters, constantly exploring ways to challenge our boundaries and tap into our deepest reserves of strength.


Breathe in. Exhale. In. Out. Deeper.
In. Out. The powerful voice of our breath-and-cold coach sounds like a repeated mantra on the first floor of a 19th-century building on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. Our body fills with oxygen, tingling and a form of energy that is difficult to encompass in words. After an intense breathing session, we step outside. In the adjacent garden, an inflatable bath awaits us - completely filled with water and ice cubes.

That morning I was still wondering why I had listened to the permanent urge to challenge myself. Stepping into an inflatable bathtub filled with ice cubes? Nice. But after that intense breathing session, I feel completely ready to overpower that ice bath. My hand immediately shoots up when asked who wants to start. And half a minute later I find out that it's not the ice bath you need to master, but your own mind.

Thinking about who you still need to call or what messages you want to answer is out of the question when you are surrounded by 100 pounds of ice cubes. All you can think about is "I need to get out of here as soon as possible." Focus, breathing and letting go - that's what it's all about now. And that's tough. But damn, it feels good.

When I step out, I am reborn. The human in me has been transformed into a being connected to its instincts and inner strength. I feel me, an animal. But of the good kind. Ready to conquer the world and at the same time completely content with where it is now. This makes me want more. This is what I want to do on a daily basis. This is what the world needs to know. But not in an inflatable bathtub. To tap into my inner strength, I don't want to have to cycle to the Albert Heijn supermarket first to empty the shelf of ice cubes. Pushing boundaries: that requires a bath that matches this mindset.

And that's how the people around me thought too. More and more often I came across them: peers who were looking for the bath that would give them chills. People who were not averse to cycling a bit, but were hoarding ice cubes. And the baths that were on the market? Let's just say those didn't meet the concept of "getting full potency out. So that's how a short breathing session in Amsterdam, became the beginning of a year and a half of research and design.

Our goal? To market an ice bath. Not just any: the very best. The ice bath that rocks on every level. A bath in which you can fully immerse yourself in water as cold as the Arctic Ocean; pure and free of chlorine, so you don't smell like you've been hanging out in the Tiki Pool all day; so economical that you almost don't see your energy bill change; and such a sleek design that you actually want to put it in your living room.

Easy to get in and out of, so you can still get in when you're 80. Because it's supposed to still work then. So easy to control that grandma can turn it on for you while you put on your bathing suit. And you can even lift it with her, assuming you hold the occasional dumbbell.

We had the budget, the time, the knowledge and the people. The perfect recipe for putting down the full potential of an ice bath. The best of the best doesn't happen overnight. That was evident from some 1,200 hours at the design table, more than 100 sketches, 20 sleepless nights, 15 major mistakes, 5 eureka moments, 4 worked out concepts, 2 tested baths and countless chills.

Giving up is not an option. Not even when you're in the middle of 15 big mistakes. Or haven't had a good night's sleep for days. Persevere, push boundaries and get the best out of yourself. Cold chills? Those are part of it. That's what the ice bath is all about. That's what the ice bath needs to breathe, so you too can get that out of yourself in a moment.

There has been hard work, there has been struggle. But we are not only the designers, we are also the users. And after battling, a cold bath follows - feeling powerful and reborn again.

We are ready to share this with the world. The ice bath is ready to unleash your inner strength. Ready to unlock your full potential. Are you ready?

Founder Icetubs