The science of ice baths, brown fat and metabolism | Susanna Soeberg, PhD

In this three-hour deep dive into cold water immersion, Dr. Susanna Søberg, an internationally leading expert on cold and heat as a stress management tool for physical and mental health, answers questions about the safety and benefits of cold water exposure.

Scientific Research

The Proof with Simon Hill, hosted by Simon Hill, who holds a Masters in Nutrition Science and a Bachelor of Science, the podcast explores the science behind the claims about cold water exposure and how to safely implement hot and cold exposure into your life.

Dr. Søberg completed her PhD in metabolism and cold water exposure at The University of Copenhagen, contributing to a deeper understanding of our metabolism and its intersection with our central nervous system. She is the founder of the Soeberg Institute and communicates her knowledge via her online programs, books, social media, podcasts, talks, and workshops.