Join the Cold: Jolanda and Mark

At various locations in the Netherlands and even across the border, people step...

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At various locations in the Netherlands and even across the border, people step into the ice-cold water of our Icetubs. At gyms, companies, retreat locations and of course at people's homes. This is also the case with Jolanda and Mark. They have had the Icetub in their garage for 2 months. We talked to them about what cold means to them and what the Icetub adds to their lives.

*At the time of the interview, early December '21.

↑ Jolanda & Mark just after they bought the Icetub.

Cold therapy the aftermath of the coronavirus

The fact that the Icetub is now in Jolanda and Mark's house has mainly to do with Jolanda, she says. "I had corona right at the beginning. I suffered from those symptoms for a very long time.

I mainly had pain in my lungs, was short of breath and was very tired. It was difficult for me to lie down and move, I had the least complaints when I was sitting. That has gradually improved, but if I do too much, I notice that the symptoms come back.Like Bram, whom we spoke about his experience with the Icetub, Jolanda started to delve into cold therapy. "Because regular care had nothing to offer me anymore, I thought: if it doesn't help, it won't hurt.

That's why we attended a Wim Hof workshop last June in combination with an ice bath session. We liked it so much that we wanted to do this at home too, but I didn't feel comfortable with water in a container that you have to put ice cubes in. That was the reason we started looking for an ice bath. I found out that you were going to bring the Icetub on the market. We waited patiently and bought one when we could.

Lower the temperature slowly

Jolanda gets into the ice bath four times a week. "On days when I'm not working, I take the ice bath. I always do it in the morning and when I have to work I just can't make it. We started at 12 degrees and keep the temperature dropping. This morning I set the bath to 7 degrees. We are slowly bringing it down to a lower temperature."

Jolanda does Wim Hof's breathing exercises every day. The same applies before she steps into the ice bath. When Mark gets into the ice bath, he joins her. Then they set the timer for a little over two minutes so that they have time to get in and stay in for two minutes. "We sometimes hear people who can stay in it for 5 or even 15 minutes. We don't do that. In the workshop we also understood that this is not necessary and that you should feel what is comfortable."

A good start of the day

Because the Icetub has only been in Jolanda and Mark's home for two months, it is still difficult to say anything about the progress of the corona complaints. "Fortunately, my complaints were already a lot less than before when we got the Icetub. This is mainly due to the vaccination. It has had an enormously positive effect on my complaints. It's true that the ice bath came at the same time that I  started working full-time again after a year. Because this also demands more from my body, it's possible that I've taken a few steps backwards. I hope to get rid of the last bit with the cold therapy.

"I searched the Internet to see if there are people who also suffer from lung pain due to corona. Then I  came across an article by a woman who also suffers from it and does cold therapy. She does cold water swimming and experiences an enormous improvement. When she is in the cold water, the pain goes away. So it really works."

Mark joins Jolanda about twice a week. He really notices a difference with the days when he doesn't start his day in the Icetub. "It helps me start my day with a fresh mind. If I've been in the Icetub in the morning, I can start my day right. That's really nice." Mark and Jolanda's son also jumps in regularly. "We have another son running around and he is also happy with it. He does a lot of strength training with his friends and then jumps into the ice bath. He calls it easy, ha!"

↑ The son of Jolanda en Mark.

Cold showering, a good preparation

Even if you do it often, it is still a challenge to step into the cold bath. But if you do it with the effect  you have afterwards in mind, it is more than worth it. Mark: "The more often I do it, the harder I find it  to get into the bath. You know what an impact that has, haha! Jolanda has been taking cold  showers for a long time, and I started doing the same a year ago. That does help in the  preparation for taking an ice bath."

Jolanda: "I have been showering cold since I was a teenager. In fact, I can't do without it any  more. If I don't shower cold, I haven't had a good shower. I find stepping into an ice bath

I find it a lot more difficult, but the effect you feel afterwards is also much greater. It feels really good  at the moment just after you step out!"

Icetub stays nice and cold

Jolanda and Mark's Hot Tub is not constantly on. Jolanda: "We did at the beginning, so it was always  cold when we wanted to go in. We keep it in the garage, so now that it's colder outside, that's no  longer necessary. We set it to the right temperature just before we go in. The water doesn't really  heat up now, so it will be just right. It will be different in summer, but for now it works fine.

Plans for the future

Bram said in his story that he plans to use the Icetub every day for the rest of his life. Mark and Jolanda  also plan to continue using the Icetub regularly for the time being. Mark: "For Jolanda, I have the idea  that it helps well and that we will certainly be able to keep using it for longer. I would like to do  the same for myself. I'm also looking into combining it more with yoga. I'm a business yoga teacher  myself and I haven't quite decided yet, but I think the combination can work really well."

Experience for yourself what an Icetub can do for you?

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