Nelissen x Elroy x Icetubs

Nelissen x Elroy x Icetubs

Sep 12, 2022

At Bart Nelissen and his Nelissen Training Facility, you can finish your training in an ice bath from Icetubs. The ice bath is regularly part of a performance training he gives together with Elroy Lemmens.

In addition to his training at Nelissen Training, Elroy Lemmens also provides training for the military and is himself a partner of Icetubs.

From store manager, model, sports instructor to militair and now finally mental coach, to get the best out of everyone. With breathing, cold, and the necessary physical effort. Looking for the extreme and discovering where your strength lies.

During his training for the Dutch Defence, and at Nelissen, our ice bath comes in handy. A nice person to have as a partner at Icetubs.

Bart Nelissen, owner of Nelissen Training Facility, ex-motor cyclist with one goal in mind: to guide others in achieving their personal goals, is a proud partner of Icetubs. 

During his NFT Performance training, you are mentally challenged to go to the limit every time. It is extremely tough. During such training, you are confronted with yourself and your mindset. You want to stop and yet you go home with a satisfied feeling. 

This is exactly what we do, and of course, the Icetub fits in perfectly with such a type of training. 

Join the Cold with the Icetub one

Join the cold with the latest Icetubs ice bath. Limited edition available.

🧊 Always ice cold & clean water up to 3 °C
🇳🇱 Unique Dutch Design
🚚 Free delivery in the Netherlands in Q1 2023

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