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Welcome to ICETUBS Equity Crowdfunding! Explore our investment round, download the pitch deck, and check out our investment FAQs. Ever tried a three-degree ice bath or a freezing lake plunge? Experience the thrill firsthand at our Amsterdam office. Our mission: bring cold therapy benefits to all, enhancing mental and physical health worldwide. Join us on this exciting journey!

About Our Founder

About our founder

Our story begins with our founder, Chiel, who's been an entrepreneur since age 10. His drive to innovate led him to Welvaere, a Dutch company dominating the European Wellness market with luxurious hot tubs. Imagine Chiel's world before his icy revelation: relaxing in 40°C waters in a wood-fired hot tub under starlit skies. Then, a customer's unusual request at his showroom changed everything: a hot tub without the heater, to fill with ice. This idea gained traction, and soon, Wim Hof, the legendary Iceman, walked in with the same unconventional request.

That was Chiel's lightbulb moment.  Realizing the potential in cold therapy, he saw a clear market opportunity. If even Hof saw value in transforming a hot tub into an icetub, clearly, there was an untapped market just waiting to be explored.Driven by newfound curiosity, Chiel found himself gasping for air in an inflatable bath brimming with ice cubes just a week later. The shock was intense, yet as the ice melted, so did his doubts. Revitalized, reenergized, and utterly convinced, Chiel was set on his new mission to build the ultimate icetub.

Fast forward to today, Icetubs has introduced the transformative experience of cold plunging to over a thousand people—and we're just getting started.

The market is ready, so are we

Five years ago, this market didn't exist. Today, it's growing at over 300% annually, and we're ready to capitalize on it. Since our 2021 launch, more people have embraced ice plunging, supported by both science and user testimonials. Our Icetubs are durable, simple, recyclable, and aesthetically pleasing, powered by our Dutch-designed engine.
The Red Dot Design Award-winning Icebarrel model underscores our commitment to quality and innovation.

Scalability doesn't have to be a buzzword

With a decade of hot tub experience, we've honed efficient production, scaling, and distribution methods in this pioneering market. Scalability is ingrained in our strategy.

We are ready

We are ready


⁠Our stackable Icetubs optimize shipping space, saving time, money and energy.


We own the trademark and domain name, making us easily discoverable globally.


Hubs in Amsterdam, Singapore, and Los Angeles ensure fast global delivery and consistent service.

About Our Founder

Where you jump in

The product is ready, our team is prepared, and the world is eager. All we need is an extra push to scale-up faster. To finance our next steps, we're offering 6.13% of our shares for one million euros. This capital will fuel our sales expansion in the United States. With our overseas office and sales already underway, the momentum is building rapidly. Seize this opportunity to invest and propel us forward!

In the next two years, we're poised to become one of the top three ice bath brands worldwide. With operations in Amsterdam and our recent Los Angeles office opening in April, we're set to expand into Singapore by year-end.We've chosen the sharefunding model to maximize impact, engaging co-owners as ambassadors for our mission. Take World Champion kickboxer Rico Verhoeven, an early investor and partner in our global goals. Are you ready to join us on this cool mission? Become an investor and join the cold!

Our ambassadors

Our partners

To be the best, you must work with the best. That’s why we partnered up with high performers like Rico Verhoeven and Nick Schilder. They inspire us to put in that little extra to ensure our baths facilitate excellent cold therapy.

Rico Verhoeven
Nick Schilder
Arie Boomsma
TV host

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