Cold Water Swimming - Benefits and Risks

Cold water swimming, also known as winter swimming or ice swimming, is becoming more popular as a special form of endurance sport. It involves swimming in cold to ice-cold water, mainly during winter or in colder regions.

Scientific Research

Studies suggest that cold water swimming has health benefits, including changes in hematological and endocrine function, fewer upper respiratory tract infections, and improved mood and well-being. However, there are potential risks to consider, so this review aims to outline both the benefits and risks of cold water swimming.

In short, ice swimming is a competition where people swim in water below 5°C. Swimming in cold water can be good for the body, including the heart, hormones, immune system, and mental health. But, it can also be dangerous for people who are not experienced or trained. It's best to gradually get used to the cold water with a training program and a supervisor. Overall, more research is needed to learn more about the health benefits of cold water swimming.

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