Cold therapy after COVID-19

Cold therapy can be helpful for COVID-19 patients experiencing long-term symptoms. This therapy can train the immune system and strengthen the vascular system, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read on to learn more about the potential benefits of cold therapy after COVID-19.

Cold Theraphy
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For some time now, as everyone knows, the world has been under the spell of a pandemic. A pandemic with the name COVID-19. One person struggles through the infections as if it were nothing, while another suffers enormously from them. Man, woman, young and old, it doesn't really matter any more. It is an attack on your health and your immune system, so it is good to train and boost that immune system right now.

Long-term complaints after corona

The RIVM writes that some people who have had corona still suffer from it after a long time (long covid). Here too, the complaints vary enormously. Think of fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain, headache, palpitations, prolonged loss of the sense of smell, depression or forgetfulness. The latter is often called 'brain fog'. Some of these symptoms persist for a long time, but their severity may diminish over time.

The long-term effect of corona on the risk of cardiovascular disease

On 7 February 2022, Nature Medicine published a study by American scientists showing that people who have had corona are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease a year later.

This risk was especially higher if they had been hospitalised or taken into intensive care due to a corona infection. But people who have had a mild corona infection are also more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Even if they had no previous heart problems or an increased risk of them.

According to the Dutch Heart Foundation, everyone can do something to keep his or her heart healthy. This is important in order to prevent or reduce these symptoms after a coronary infection. Healthy living, quitting smoking, watching your salt intake and cold therapy are just a few of the ways to go.

The health benefits of cold therapy

By now, it is clear to us that cold and cold therapy have a good and positive effect on our own health. And therefore can also be used as therapy after complaints with COVID-19. The advantages of cold therapy are

  • You boost your immune system
  • Trains your vascular system
  • Positive reaction to diseases with high inflammation value
  • A good development a brown fat

How cold therapy can help you after COVID-19

As we can read above, COVID-19 is an assault on your immune system and can also cause long-term heart problems. And it is precisely these two things that can be trained by means of cold therapy. And so can help you when you have symptoms after COVID-19, simply by stepping into an ice bath.

1. Training your immune system

Our partner Romei therapy already wrote a blog on this subject for our website. Our immune system can be trained, we can make it stronger ourselves. How can we do this? By applying cold. That we can do this ourselves we have only known since 2014, through research by Matthijs Kox of the RadboudUMC. This is all due to Wim Hof, who developed the Wim Hof method whereby you can increase your resistance to inflammation, bacteria and viruses through breathing, focus and cold training.

This method has a positive influence on both your physical and mental well-being. People experience more energy, inner peace and a decrease of stress. Physiologically, your oxygen intake and blood circulation increase, your heart rate decreases and the PH value normalises.

But the most beneficial change is improving your immune system by creating new immune cells.

2. Stronger vascular system through cold therapy

Not only does this Wim Hof Method ensure a stronger immune system, it also strengthens the vascular system and thus a stronger and healthier heart. Our vascular system consists of millions of small muscles. This dilates and contracts to protect us from the cold and heat and ensures that our body stays at the right temperature.

So when you step into an ice bath or engage in cold therapy, all those millions of little muscles are trained and activated. If you take an ice bath every day, you will even notice that your heart rate drops significantly, your heart gets stronger.

Cold therapy after COVID-19

Whether cold therapy after COVID-19 really helps is not scientifically proven. But if you look at the complaints you can get with a weakened immune system, or heart, it can certainly help you. We also spoke to Jolanda, proud owner of an Icetub. She told us that after Corona she still suffered from pain and fatigue.

After researching on the Internet, she read stories of people who also suffered from symptoms, and cold therapy helped. Because regular health care had nothing more to offer, she thought, it doesn't hurt to try. That's why they did a workshop by Wim Hof last year in combination with an ice bath session. And now she steps into the ice bath at least four times a week, in combination with Wim Hof breathing exercises.

Whether cold therapy can help you after a long period of COVID complaints depends, of course, on your situation. But it is a proven fact that cold therapy is good for you.

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