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Join the cold as

Marketing Manager

at Icetubs

Marketing Manager
Badhoevedorp (close to Amsterdam)

What you can expect from us

✅ Salary in the range of €4.000 to €6.000 per month based on 40 hours and your work experience

✅ Opportunity to rake responsibilities, shape your own job and stamp your mark on an upcoming global brand

Flat hierarchy where transparent, direct communication and teamwork are key

✅ Unlimited use of the Icetubs Gym and all the Icetubs Icebaths

✅ A fast-paced work environment with young people and large ambitions

✅ 25 vacation days, a pension arrangement and travel allowance

What we are looking for

  • Years of experience in marketing management
  • Takes responsibility, comes up with new ideas and implements them at a fast pace
  • Does not shy away from being in the marketing trenches as well as strategising with marketing agencies.
  • Combining creativity and data for the best results possible
  • Based around Amsterdam and gets energy from our office environment


If you've ever tried an 3 degrees Ice bath or jumped in a mountain lake, you know how much energy and thrill it gives you. At Icetubs we want to bring that feeling to the daily life of high performers all over the world. We are building our brand around this exact feeling.

At Icetubs we value excellent design, durability and amazing customer experience. We don't compromise on this.

Currently, we are expanding to the entirety of Europe. Part of your job will be to help Icetubs expand to the USA, Australia, The Middle East and eventually the entire world.

Dit is een dag in je toekomstige leven

08:00 - Arriving at the office

As the Marketing Manager of Icetubs, you arrive at our office in Badhoevedorp, ready to kickstart the day. You greet your colleagues and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Before diving into your tasks, you quickly skim through the marketing dashboard to assess the performance of ongoing campaigns and to track key metrics.

09:00 - Marketing strategy meeting

You work closely together with our partner and marketing agency .CREW. You sit with them regularly to fine-tune the marketing strategy. Together, you review the latest market trends, analyze customer feedback, and brainstorm innovative ideas to enhance brand visibility and reach new target audiences. This session allows you to align everyone on the goals and set priorities for the coming weeks.

10:00 - Referral Marketing Ideas

You noticed that we haven't been using referral marketing, and you think it could be good for Icetubs. So you look into some possibilities, check online tools, and see if it makes sense financially.

12:00 - Time for a break

You eat with your colleagues, talk about life, play some table football or darts and take the time to recharge.

13:00 - Meeting with the Content Creator

You have great ideas for new social media posts and want to get them out quickly. You sit down with our in-house content creator and make a plan for the next few weeks. After the meeting, you even help shoot some cool Instagram Reels and ads right in the Icetub office.

16:00 - Short meeting with Beni

Towards the end of the day, you meet with the Managing Director, Beni, to provide an overview of the marketing team's accomplishments, current progress, and upcoming projects. You discuss strategies to further enhance marketing efforts and explore opportunities for future expansion.


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