Icetub One (Pre-sale)

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Join the cold with the latest Icetubs ice bath. Limited edition available.

๐ŸงŠ Always ice cold & clean water up to 3 ยฐC
๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Unique Dutch Design
๐Ÿšš Free delivery in the Netherlands in Q1 2023

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Join the cold with the Icetub One

Icecold water
3 degrees water with button on the display

Always Clean & Ready
by our build-in cartridge filter with ozonator

Under water up to your shoulders
Perfect for every height because of our universal design.

Available in 2 colors
Night Grey & Icy White

Makes your uncomfortable ice bath session as comfortable as possible

Perfect for any height thanks to the 3 different foot supports.

Easy to empty with a Gardena drain

Always clean water through the cartridge filter and UV Ozonator.

Ice cold. With 1 push of a button.

Easy to connect to a normal power supply. No three-phase electric power needed.

Can be set down to 3 degrees Celsius with the unique Icetubs display or via the app on your phone.

Cooling capacity of 1.5 degrees celsius per hour.


Delivery will take place at the end of Q1 2023. In the Netherlands, delivery is completely free and will be done on a pallet by DHL or UPS. Please contact us for transport outside the Netherlands.

Reserve your Icetub One

For the reservation of your exclusive Icetub One we ask for a 50% deposit. You can arrange this safely with the well-known reliable parties: Ideal, Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. The remaining amount only needs to be paid upon delivery.

All technical info

Specifications Icetub One


The dimensions of the tub: L: 1740 mm x W: 760 mm x H: 600 mm and of the cooler: L: 349 mm x W: 368 mm x H: 449 mm

Water filter

The Icetub contains a cartridge filter with an ozonator.


Power supply: 220-240V/50hZ,

Input power: 730W

Cooling system

Cooling power: 1800 W, Refrigerant: R410A

Materials used

The tub consists of HDPE with an insulating filling, the wall ducts are made of brass.

Temperature range

Down to 3 ยฐC

Dimensions of the Icetub one

What other think of our Icetubs

The Icetub is excellent! Start fresh every day. Getting comfortable with getting out of the comfort zone. We get 110% out of the investment! Really great!

Ko MaasGoogle review

We go into the bath about 4 to 5 times a week, and we slowly let the temperature drop. Started at 10 degrees, we are now at 8 degrees, and things are going well. Nice and fresh start to the day.

Mark DielenGoogle review

We've been using the icetub for a few weeks now (2x a day) and it's great! Definitely worth the investment. Top company, excellent service and very friendly. The bath is compact enough, so there's always a place for it in your home. Thanks to the filter system, the water remains beautifully clean.

N van PeenenGoogle review

From dream to reality

After an ice bath session in Amsterdam we knew for sure, everyone in the world should experience this every day. With full enthusiasm we set to work with this vision for the world, summarized in Join the Cold.

Turning the concept of Icetubs into a real ice bath took more than 2 years. Everything was brainstormed, sketched, designed and prototyped in the Netherlands.

After more than 2400 hours of drawing, the first Icetub was born. Now, a year later, nearly 100 people sit in their own Icetub Model S every day.

After, a year later, we have taken all the wishes of our customers into our new model, the Icetub One. A lower model that you can easily lie in.

To ask? We are happy to help you!

We are happy to help you with the search for a perfect ice bath! Feel free to contact us for more information!


What is the delivery time of the ice bath?

The Icetub One is currently under development. Delivery will take place in Q1 2023.

How does the Icetub work?

When you have filled the ice bath, plug the plug into the socket. The motor will then do its job and cool the ice bath to the set temperature set on the display.

Do you need chlorine?

You don’t have to throw chlorine into the Icetub. The water is filtered by a cartridge filter and ozonator.

What about warranty?

As standard, you get a two-year warranty with us on the purchase of an Icetub. The standard factory warranty always applies first and we extend this, if necessary, to two years. This warranty only applies to private use of our Icetubs. For business and professional use a warranty period of six months applies.

Can I place the Icetub One outside?

The Icetub cannot be placed in the open air. Therefore, always place the bath indoors or under a roof. Is the bath outside? Always make sure that it is empty when it starts to freeze outside.

Can I come and see the Icetub?

At the moment you can’t see the Icetub One in real life yet. However, you can already contact us to discuss the possibilities!