Icetub model S

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Searching for your own limits every day and pushing them again and again. Focus on your breathing, become mentally stronger, and all that from your own garden, bathroom, or another place.

√ Three different colors
√ Designed and built in the Netherlands
√ 2 years warranty
√ Delivered in the Netherlands only
√ Delivered within 6 to 8 weeks

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This is it: Icetub model S  

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Cold up to 3 °C

The simple display allows you to set the desired temperature yourself.

Step into silky and pure water

The built-in filter with cartridge in combination with a UV filter means that you always step into wonderfully fresh, clean water for a refreshing dive!

Immerse yourself completely from head to toe

The space makes it possible for everyone to be up to the shoulders under water.
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Everything you need to know about our three unique ice baths. The mental benefits, prices, and possibilities. You can read it all in our brochure. Within 10 minutes in your mail and you have all the info at your disposal!

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Specs Icetub model S

Size and weight

The measurements of this bath are 1200x900x1150 and the weight is about 110 kg when the tub is empty. Full the weight is 520 kg

Water filter

The Icetub contains a skimmer and a filter with cartridge in combination with a UV filter


Power supply: 220-240V/50hZ,
Input power: 700W

Cooling system

Cooling power: 1.35 kW, Refrigerant: R134A


The tub consists of HDPE with an insulating filling, the metal parts are made of stainless steel 304

Temperature range

Up to 3 °C

There was nothing more to see, no inflammation, nothing. My hemoglobin level is extremely high, so that's fantastic. In my experience, it is impossible that if you have rheumatism, you don't do cold therapy. You become more fit, you have less pain and the whole process is stopped. It is fantastic.


Immerse yourself completely from head to toe, for young and old.

The Icetub is designed in such a way that everyone, tall or small, can sit comfortably in the Icetub. The space makes it possible for everyone to sit up to their shoulders in the water. Are you a bit taller? Then you can easily sit down for the best result. Also head under? No problem, that's possible too!

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What others think of our Icetub 

I like the Icetub very much! Starting fresh every day. Getting comfortable with going out of your comfort zone. We get 110% of the investment out of it! Really great!

Ko MaasGoogle review

We go into the bath about 4 times a week, and we slowly lower the temperature. We started with the temperature at 10/8 degrees and now it is fine. It's a nice fresh start to the day.

Mark DielenGoogle review

We have been using the icetub for a few weeks now (twice a day) and it is great! Absolutely worth the investment. Top company, excellent service and very friendly. The tub is compact enough, so there is always a place for it in the house. Thanks to the filter system the water stays nice and clean.

N van PeenenGoogle review

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We’ve been working on this ice bath for over two years. It took us 2400 hours at the drawing board, over 200 sketches, many sleepless nights, plenty of mistakes, 15 eureka moments, several concepts, 20+ tested baths and way too many cold chills.

The Icetub is developed and made in the Netherlands. Everything in-house, we are proud of that.

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Badhoevedorp is the place where it all comes together. Our in-house production team is working hard to put all the parts together. They insulate the tub and assemble all the components to create an ice bath that rocks. All to guarantee quality!

Our Icetubs are personally delivered by Jesper. When your Icetub is ready, he’ll make an appointment for delivery. Together with you, he takes the ice bath to the chosen spot and explains how everything works. If you’re not in love within 14 days, we can hardly believe that, we’ll take the Icetub back.

We get it that you might want to try the Icetub first. That’s no problem, you can try our ice bath in Badhoevedorp. You’re welcome!

“As a former ice skater, it is often said that you must like the cold; I'll be honest, I hate the cold. But still, I have been showering cold for six months now and I can also step into the Icetub. It gives me peace and a lot more energy.”

Jochem UytdehaageOlympic Champion