Cold, breathing and focus. Three elements that bring you out of your head and into your  body. That cold training works as a boost for your health we don’t have to explain to you.

More and more people want to experience it and what is more firmly to give such a training  in a professional ice bath from Icetubs? A bath that is always 3 degrees Celsius, has clean  water and is ready for a dip in cold water 24/7. Ice cubes? You won’t need them anymore!

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What People Are Saying

Absolutely perfect

Permanently an energy-efficient ice bath at the clubhouse, that's a party. 2 minutes in the bath and my head is control - alt - delete - in case the choas of the day has seeped into my brain.

Koen de Jong - Founder Sportrusten and writer The Way of The Iceman

Very satisfied!

Use it daily - gives me relaxation and peace of mind!And... good for the heart 😊

Jobst Winter, cardiologist

No words needed.


Love it so much

Every day we use the Icetube. I start the day a lot fitter, I'm cold less quickly and it gives a wonderful feeling. Recommended!


As a breathing coach, cold training coach or Wim Hof instructor, having an ice-cold bath is almost essential. Nowadays we see many cold baths in barrels or inflatable swimming pools. The training is then given in a bath with lots of ice cubes.

And those ice cubes melt, cost money and have to be delivered. Again and again. How convenient that you don't have to do this any more. With an Icetub, you don't have to worry about ice cubes anymore. The water in this bath is cooled down to 3 degrees by an energy-efficient motor and kept clean by the built-in filter.

This allows you to use the bath several times in a row and always cold. The Icetub's size also makes it easy to move around.

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