Cold water up to 3¬į, always ready for an icy dive.

what is an ice bath good for

inmune system

Experiencing extremly low temperatures in an ice bath activates your body and the production of white blood cells provides resistance and boost your inmune system.

activate brown fat

Brown fat converts energey, stores in sugars and white fats, into heat. It's healthy and we generally have to little of that.

Brown fat hasbecome lazy because we protect ourselves from the cold. Cold activates your brown fat.


We are always thinking and busy in our heads. The cold is a poweful tool to reset your thoughts. In extremly cold temperatures there is no room for thoughts, you are completly focused on yourself.


When you are exposed to cold you become more energetic and alert. The shock caused by the cold activates your muscles. This stimulates your body and wakes you up. ready to start your day!

features you'll love

Smart Icebath

Looking to enhance your ice bath routine?

Our smart ice bath offers convenient app-controlled features that allow you to prepare and plan in advance.

Set the temperature and duration of your ice bath using our mobile app and enjoy the ease of having everything ready for you when you're ready to take an ice bath. Additionally, our ice bath includes sensors to monitor temperature and other variables, providing a precise and optimal experience.

So sit back, relax, and let our smart ice bath take your recovery and relaxation to the next level.


Looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy an ice bath?

Our iceless ice bath has got you covered!

No need to deal with the headache of buying and storing ice - our cooling unit can chill water up to 3 degrees Celsius, providing the same benefits as a traditional ice bath.

handcraftED in the netherlands

We are the designers and developers of the first Dutch Ice bath without ice cubes. We manage everything ourselves and we're proud of that.