Somewhere in Amsterdam, the idea for Icetubs came about during a session with a breathing coach. We stepped into ice-cold water and felt as if we had been reborn. We could take on the whole world. This is something that everyone must experience, though not in an inflatable bath with ice cubes, but a bath that cools itself. Read here about the development of the first Dutch ice bath.


And turning that idea into a real ice bath took two years. Starting with brainstorming, networking and developing ideas. Everything was focused on that one ice bath. Not just one, but the best we could conceive and made in the Netherlands. A process that took more than two years.

With a budget and the right people, such as a product developer, marketers and managers. The perfect recipe for creating an ice bath of this caliber. After more than 2400 hours at the drawing board, more than 200 hours drawing and many sleepless nights, we were finally able to make a mold.

In Badhoevedorp

July, the first tubs had arrived in Badhoevedorp. The product developer and production team turned the tub into a real ice bath: the Icetub. But this was far from straightforward. Despite the fact that we all saw things through rose-coloured glasses, we also had to overcome quite a number of setbacks. 

Dents in the tub, issues that certainly did not help a tight schedule. In July and August, a lot of overtime was put in. Working lat into the night for days on end. More than 20 Icetubs were assembled, disassembled again and tested. On 1 September, everything came together perfectly and we were able to deliver the first Icetub to Koen de Jonge (co-author with Wim Hof of The Way of the Iceman).

A word from our designer

"I devoted a lot of time to designing and developing the Icetub. I had many sleepless nights, but it was all worth it! A lovely first Icetub, based on my own design, is now ready to take on the world!"

Bas Reinders


Badhoevedorp, the site of Icetubs, is the place where everything comes together and our production works at setting everything in motion to create an ice bath that rocks in every way. The tub is insulated and extra parts, all made in the Netherlands, are assembled entirely by our own staff. All this in order to guarantee the quality of our Icetub!

When your Icetub is ready, Jesper makes an appointment and comes to deliver it to you himself. With you, he takes the tub to the right spot in your home or outdoors, and provides a few final explanations. Everything you need to ensure that you can soon start pushing your boundaries in the cold. If within 14 days you are not enamoured with the ice bath, which is sure not to happen, we will come and pick it up again.