As your big toe touches the ice-cold water, everything in your body contracts. Stepping  into an ice-cold bath, why would you do that? Yet you mentally find the strength and  persevere. You step completely into the cold and that is incredibly good for you. We  know that, but so do our partners! 

We are now proud partners of a number of large parties in the Netherlands. Such as  the Ministry of Defence, Sportrusten (also partner of Wim Hof), the Romei and  Nelissen training. 


Control alt delete on your brain. That is really worth something. Because the moment  you step into an ice-cold bath, you no longer think about an e-mail to be sent, someone  to call or where you still have to go. 

No, the only thing that really counts at that moment is you. You are one with your focus  and your breathing and you manage to conquer the cold. But you do not only conquer  the cold. You also overcome stress and pressure and transcend your own mental  boundaries. And all that by stepping into an ice bath in Icetubs. To break through your  barriers and find peace of mind, all you need is yourself, an ice bath and the right kind  of breathing. 


“Permanently an energy-efficient ice bath on the clubhouse, that’s party time. minutes2 in  the bath and my head is control – alt – delete – in case the delusion of the day has seeped into  my brain.” 

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Together with Elroy Lemmens, Bart Nelissen, owner of Nelissen Training Facility,  regularly organises performance training. During such training athletes go to  extremes and push their mental limits. That fits in perfectly with Icetubs!

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