Sportrusten x Icetubs

Koen de Jong and the members of sportrusten were the first to enjoy our ice bath.  Inside their ‘clubhouse’ a place has been created where everyone can now take an ice cold dip. 

“That intense physical sensation takes over so much, you have control alt delete on your full head, on thoughts, on fretting. And that piece that is such an interesting part of that cold for everything and everyone.”

Koen de JongSportrusten

Koen de Jong

Koen de Jong, owner of Sportrusten, author of several books on running and breathing and a book in collaboration with Iceman Wim Hof is a proud partner of Icetubs.

In the spring of 2021 Koen came to Nijkerk especially for us, where we and the whole Icetubs  team could experience what breathing in combination with the cold does to you.

We started with an intense breathing session and then stepped into the ice bath. One of  us wanted to do it more often and got in easily.